An Advertising & Marketing Campaign Management Application for a British IT Provider


A British IT provider, delivering advertising and marketing campaign management software to a diverse range of B2B clients, was faced with the pressing
need to dramatically improve the performance of one of the company’s flagship products. For this purpose, they approached Envion as a software vendor
with a sterling project delivery track record, capable of taking over a project burdened with a host of significant challenges. As a result, Envion was engaged
to completely redesign the client’s application.

The client’s system is a full-blown Web-based solution that provides powerful functionality for the creation of displayed ads, classified ads, and management
of marketing campaigns. The solution is geared toward clients in the Retail and Hospitality industry sectors. The application supports intricate workflows
and allows receiving multiple-parameter data from a range of channels, consolidating this data, and publishing it on the Web, or using the collected
and consolidated data for database publishing purposes. Data can be entered into the system by a large number of concurrent users and consists of a diverse number of parameters, such as, for example, suite, price, view, hotel, and related description in one of several different languages. Some of the parameters,
for instance, the price and language, as well as the appropriate season-specific images, are selected automatically by the system.

User-entered and other collected information is transformed to meet a single industry standard, stored into the application’s database, and can then
be retrieved from there in response to a query from the Web, or used to create custom marketing assets based on InDesign or QuarkX templates. In addition,
it is also possible to create Internet landing pages that can be used to conduct or support a company’s marketing activities, such as, for example, Webinars.


On approaching Envion to take over the project, the client indicated that they wanted their new development partner to improve the system’s performance
as quickly as possible as a number of the company’s mission-critical business relationships were imperiled by its poor performance. Envion put together a team of 8 eminently qualified software development experts who expeditiously performed an in-depth analysis of the system’s architecture and code base to uncover a plethora of severe architecture-related drawbacks and various insidious problems associated with our predecessors’ poor command of the corresponding technology stack.

The situation was further aggravated by the inadequate quality of the code, no part of the solution being properly documented, and unwillingness
on the part of the previous provider to support the required knowledge transfer. Jointly with the client, it was decided to re-design the client’s failing legacy desktop application from scratch, and create a high-performing Web-based solution with enhanced functionality. Considering the client’s business situation,
the new system was to be delivered against a most challenging deadline of 6 months. In essence, the project’s implementation became an all-out rescue
and recovery effort that required a great deal of both software development and industry expertise, top-notch programming skills, and a total commitment
on the part of the project team.

The Envion team was successful in overcoming all the existing challenges and delivered the solution in excellent quality and strictly on time and on budget. The newly added functionality included such business-critical capabilities, as functionality for the Hospitality sector, and integration with idDesign and QuarkX.

Since its inception, the project has been ongoing for over 6 years now. Currently, there are 4 Envion developers working on the project. They are involved
in broadening the hospitality-related inventory and providing overall support for the solution.

Technology Stack

The Envion project team used the following technologies to implement the project:

  • C++
  • Java
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Databases: MSSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, CouchBase
  • Gluster File System
  • Memcache
  • Flash
  • Red 5
  • Java Technology Stack: Hibernate, Ibatis, Spring, Tomcat, JBoss, JCR (JAckRabbit), Apache Sling, Apache Solr, etc.). 


Engaging Envion Software to assist them with their product became one of our client’s most successful strategic decisions ever made. Not only have they been able to keep their key customer relationships and acquire a premium-quality, innovative and competitive product, but they have also been able to expand into the Hospitality vertical and attract several major customers in this industry sector.

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