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Office address:

12, Levashovsky Ave.



+7 (812) 441-30-28;
+1 (603) 589-84-79




About Envion’s Office in St. Petersburg, Russia

Founded in 2001, Envion’s St. Petersburg Development Center
is distinctive of its very numerous, but close-knit team
of top-ranking IT specialists.

For over 14 years our St. Petersburg team has been engaged
in developing a diverse array of applications, ranging from mobile applications, to sophisticated Natural Language Processing Tools.

The team has a long-time tradition and a well-established practice
of selecting promising graduates from St. Petersburg’s several technical universities, and further training them in-house to become mature software-engineering professionals. Today, we can say with
confidence that this approach has proven to be highly fruitful.

Envion’s St. Petersburg office is conveniently located in Levashovsky business center found in a historic part of the city, not far from
the Neva River and legendary Petropavlovskaya fortress.

HR Manager

Marina Rusina

  • mrusina@envionsoftware.com
  • envionsoftware
  • +7 812 677 2031

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