GPS/Mapping Technologies

Present-day GPS/Mapping technologies have become highly efficient in solving a wide range of tasks in various business and social domains, including:

  • Personal navigation
  • Transport
  • Construction and development
  • Geodesy and cartography
  • Cadaster and planning
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Geology
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Emergency monitoring
  • Environmental protection
  • Industry

Since usage of GPS/Mapping varies significantly depending on the business domain, developing robust and efficient custom software for any of the above domains takes a rare combination of a good  grasp of the GPS/Mapping technology, and corresponding industry-specific expertise.  

The ability to provide this combination across a range of business domains marks Envion Software out as a leading provider of GPS/Mapping custom software. We are uniquely experienced in leveraging the benefits afforded by GPS/Mapping to provide clients in a diverse array of industry sectors with custom software that fills their needs best.  

Our software engineers excel in the following tasks associated with the development of GPS/Mapping software: 

  • Using different systems for maps creation (navigation, geodesy, geology, and other areas).
  • Using positional and geographic information to provide better usability.
  • Developing and optimizing route construction algorithms for GPS-navigation.
  • Customizing the client’s navigation maps for different portable devices (smartphones, map-cases, and more).
  • Optimizing and automating map creation and validation.

Envion’s expertise and experience in GPS/Mapping are truly comprehensive and universal, and they range from program integration and development of lower-level’ functionality, to the implementation of a variety of user-oriented services. We make a point of keeping abreast of any related technological advances, thus staying on the cutting edge of this increasingly important technology at all times.    

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