Marketing Automation & Database Publishing


Envion’s expertise in Marketing Automaton is based on a multi-faceted and genuinely powerful blend of complementary skills and experience we gleaned while developing, in their entirety, several mission-critical cross-channel applications for Europe’s leading MAM technology vendors.

These applications enable integrated, intricate, and highly personalized customer engagement through the use of a range of data sources and collaboration means by multiple stakeholders (both within and outside the client’s business organization).

In addition to powerful performance tracking and varied collaboration functionality, these applications provide advanced functionality for the efficient publishing support of direct marketing campaigns. They use sophisticated publishing workflows and integrate massive databases with Adobe InDesign and Quark XPress to produce intricately designed catalogs, flyers, and other marketing and advertising paraphernalia. One of the applications we have delivered includes advanced Web2Print functionality that allows for the creation of both classified and display ads in several languages. The application also makes it possible to use data provided by a large number of concurrent users via a Web site for database publishing purposes. 

The highlights of Envion’s MAM & Database Publishing project delivery track record include:

We have everything to become your provider of choice for an advanced Marketing Automation and/or Database Publishing solution that comprises all or any of the following:  

  • Functionality for the creation and management of direct marketing and cross-media campaigns.
  • Content Management & Distribution functionality.
  • Functionality that allows tracking the performance and appeal of multiple different types of interactive content.
  • Advanced collaboration functionality.
  • Web2Print functionality.
  • Font creation functionality.
  • Social media marketing-related functionality.
  • Integration with Adobe InDesign or Quark. 

To learn more about Envion’s Marketing Automation & Database Publishing-related expertise and development experience, please send an email to, and we’ll be delighted to provide you with more information.

You can also download a brochure that provides a description of some of the Marketing Automation projects implemented by us, and details of the technology stacks that we used to implement these projects.


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