Natural Language Processing

Envion’s NLP practice has been in operation for 30 years — dating back to 1984 when Envion was known as Circle Noetic Services, Inc.

We started at the industry’s outset and, through unrelenting search and sustained effort, have built a remarkably powerful NLP practice that focuses on two major areas: Proprietary NLP products and Custom NLP Solutions (developed on behalf of other technology vendors).

The company’s top management, conversant with NLP product development, our exceptionally qualified NLP-savvy software engineers, and Envion’s well-established knowledge base are all assets that allow us to be in sync with our client’s needs, guide them through the many NLP related areas with which we are well-acquainted, and put a lot more in the delivered result than what our clients have come to expect from a conventional provider.

As part of its NLP practice, Envion employs a cherry-picked in-house linguistic team that includes scientists from well-known Eastern-European universities. This team ensures that the linguistic aspect of our development effort is performed with utmost quality at all times. 


Custom Natural Language Processing Software


Through Envion’s creation of several superior proprietary products used by a multitude of universities and business organizations in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and other countries, we decided to harness the potential we had at our disposal to assist other technology vendors in developing advanced NLP software.

The bulk of our NLP custom development expertise is associated with projects for well-known U.S.-based NLP and eLearning technology vendors. In particular, the projects we were engaged to implement include developing intricate and broad speech recognition functionality for a major language-learning application  developed by a well-known US eLearning technology vendor, and a mobile application used to process handwriting for another North-American technology company

The highlights of Envion’s NLP experience and expertise include:
  • Creating unique automatic hyphenation functionality (Dashes Hyphenator) based on a proprietary algorithm.
  • Inventing a compression algorithm that has increased the processing speed of our NLP products several-fold.
  • Developing advanced voice recognition functionality.

To learn more about Envion’s NLP expertise and development experience, please send an email to, and we will be delighted to provide you with more information.


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