IT Project Recovery

As a company with a nearly 30-year-long stellar track record, Envion can help you when many others cannot.

Although we did not initially intend to offer IT project recovery as a standalone service, Envion Software has several times been selected as a substitute vendor for failing projects our predecessors were unable to proceed with implementing at different points in the development cycle.

In particular, we have been able to turn the tide on two major Digital Asset Management projects that were well into the development stage and, eventually, reached an impasse because of the blunders made by the project teams during architecture design. Both this, and our predecessors’ inability to duly implement the projects technically, endangered their clients financially and became a serious threat to their business reputation.

Envion completely took over these projects and delivered two fully functional customer-satisfying products, thus adding to the company’s reputation of a provider that is able to cope with any challenge.

Unlike many consultants and other IT vendors, we do not only identify the points of breakage by making an assessment of the project’s current state, validating the existing business requirements, adjusting the project scope, and redefining the goals to be achieved. We provide an all-round one-point and cost-efficient management and technology solution that does not need to be complemented by services or products from any other software vendor or consulting company.

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