Full-Cycle Custom Software Development


Envion is a truly full-cycle custom software provider, and projects that we have successfully implemented from scratch constitute the bulk of what has been done by us in the nearly two decades that we have been in business.

Today, we can say with confidence, that we are exceptionally qualified and experienced to successfully handle any stage in implementing even the most challenging project in any one of our business domains. In other words, we are able to successfully deliver any IT solution based solely on our client’s business idea.

Our business analysis experts are not only conversant with the different software development methodologies and requirements definition techniques, but they are also well-acquainted with the business domain specifics of the industries we cater to.

Full-Cycle Development Process 


We have both a wealth of experience in system architecture design for large-scale and demanding projects, and a development force no intricate functionality can baffle. Our QA engineers have a great deal of experience in all existing types of testing for various business applications, and they have, on several occasions, designed and successfully applied highly efficient non-standard testing techniques. Moreover, due to Envion’s well-established knowledge-sharing and expertise continuity system, our previous relevant experience always works for our new clients.

Unlike so many other providers, we also have an impressive project recovery track record, and have recovered and successfully delivered more than one previously failing project by taking over the project’s implementation during the different stages in the implementation process.


Special Features


More specifically, Envion’s Full-Cycle Custom Software Development Service Offering consists of the following stages:

• Definition of the business vision for a product
• Business analysis
• Requirements’ definition. Preparation of a Feasibility Study
• Project estimation
• Architecture & System Design
• GUI design
• System implementation
• QA and testing
• System integration& deployment
• Performance tuning
• Integration with other systems

 Full-Cycle Development Process


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