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With our innate entrepreneurial spirit that has only gotten stronger over the years Envion Software has been in business, we feel a connection with those who have a passion for innovation.

Envion began as a group of student entrepreneurs captivated by the idea of achieving several challenging goals in the field of Natural Language Processing. 30 years later, we are eager to share the wealth of experience we have garnered while both growing into an industry-leading service provider and helping several other tech startups succeed.

For any tech startup, the pitfalls of choosing a software development partner are many; without question, the partner you choose must be very good technologically. However, this is certainly not the only requirement.

Your provider of choice must be a true full-cycle provider: capable of both designing solution architecture from scratch and helping you scope your application optimally. They must have a great deal of business domain-related expertise and experience, and, preferably, sufficient experience in working with other startups in your business domain. Additionally, they must be able to recommend a cooperation model that would be preferable for you as a startup, thus securing you financially as well as against other risks. Most importantly, they must be willing to work with you based on the above model.

Envion Software can offer you all of the above if you are a tech startup in the Healthcare, NLP, eLearning, or Marketing Automation/Digital Asset Management business domains.

In addition, we are prepared to work based on the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) model.

You can learn more about how we can be of assistance with your startup project by sending an email to

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